I just wanted to touch base to let you know how wonderful my families stay was at Kelburn. They absolutely loved the property and it worked so well for all my siblings with their children.

Having them all staying together, and myself on the night before the wedding, created some really special memories for us. 
(They loved it so much they have suggested booking it again for future family holidays!) 


Thank you so much to yourself and Amanda for your hospitality. I hope you are well, and the weddings that have been held there over the last few weeks have all been a success!


Thanks again and Kind regards,


Sophie Toshack

When Leigh and I embarked on the journey to find the perfect wedding location, friends and family warned us that the road ahead would be an arduous one - filled with last minute changes, stressful 'bridezilla' moments, and a general sense of being overwhelmed. Fortunately for us, we experienced none of the aforementioned terrors of wedding planning. Both of us waited in anticipation for the 'stressful melt-down' moment, but luckily it never eventuated and instead we found ourselves perplexed by the relaxed state of mind we were in the day before the wedding - sitting in the stunning gardens of Kelburn sipping away at a beer. 

One of the best decisions we made during the planning of our wedding was to choose a location outside of Sydney. We were both adamant that we did not want the hustle or the bustle of a city wedding. Instead, we much preferred the quietness and relaxed country nature of a wedding in the Southern Highlands. As we searched and visited various farm estates south of Sydney, we were somewhat dismayed by what we found in the many places that call themselves a 'working farm'. The majority were heavily commercialised wedding machines, churning out ceremonies each weekend like they were going out of fashion. The vogue is definitely rustic country-styled weddings and thus the understandable demand. As we left another property disheartened, we decided to give Kelburn a go ...
To this day, I honestly believe that the moment the phone connected and we heard Randolph's voice and his sheer enthusiasm, we both immediately fell in love with Kelburn. This notion was reaffirmed a couple of hours later when we arrived in the grounds of the farm and were overwhelmed with the wonderful deluge that reached to each and every one of our senses. Everywhere our eyes took us, we thought how perfect this would be for that, and that for this. No rustic farm styling or elaborate wedding decorator required. Being one of Australia's oldest sheep stations, Kelburn offers more natural character and charm than any exorbitant amount of money can buy. History is ingrained throughout the property and visually manifests itself through the bricks and mortar of the convict-built house; the century old woolshed with its lanolin covered floorboards; the infinite assortment of rusted steel tools in the paddock that once served a greater purpose; the old petrol bowzers that would no doubt be a collector’s dream; and a beautifully restored homestead that words cannot describe the perfect amalgamation of architectural heritage with an elegant sense of modernity.
Pair the property’s natural richness with one of the kindest and most genuinely friendly owners - Randolph & Amanda - and you have the workings for a truly exceptional wedding! Kelburn was, is, and can most definitely be the perfect wedding venue.
Our love for Kelburn was instant and will forever hold a special place in the hearts of Leigh and myself. I am sure all those that attended will forever remember the joyful memories of that sunny weekend.

Jason Lam